Pennsylvania Businesses Give Mixed Reaction to Biden’s Vaccine Mandate

Pennsylvania businesses have mixed opinions about President Joe Biden’s mandate that employers with more than 100 workers require them to be vaccinated or submit to a weekly COVID-19 test. Sam Denisob, vice president of the Pennsylvania Chamber of Commerce, was in meetings much of Friday discussing the mandate. “We are carefully reviewing the details of that mandate and ramping up to let our members understand what came down and what flexibility they will have,” Denisob told The Epoch Times in a phone conversation. “I suspect this will get challenged in the courts. It’s evolving and our membership is quite diverse. We have to get an understanding of what it means for each one.” Many companies said they were still analyzing and not prepared to speak about the new rule. “We are looking into the legality of what the president is proposing. We believe that it violates a number of federal …Read More

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