Pentagon Spokesman: Kabul Evacuations Not Solely Reliant Taliban’s ‘Goodwill’

Department of Defense (DOD) spokesman John Kirby denied claims Wednesday that U.S. military forces are relying on the assurances of the Taliban extremist group in its mission to evacuate thousands of Americans still trapped in Afghanistan. “I’m not going to walk you away from the idea that that’s not important. Of course it’s important,” Kirby told reporters Wednesday in a non-televised briefing, according to a DOD transcript. “But to say that the evacuation all hinges on [the] goodwill of the Taliban I think is to overstate all the efforts that have to go into this.” There have been reports of Taliban members preventing people from accessing the Kabul airport, where thousands of people have gathered in the hopes of catching a military evacuation flight out of the beleaguered country. In one instance, Taliban members attacked people gathering around the facility, coming in contrast to previous statements that the Biden administration brokered …Read More

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