Play It Forward Therapy

Expand your clinical knowledge and feel more confident in your skills as a pediatric occupational therapist. You’re listening to Play It Forward Therapy, a podcast dedicated to therapists who want to make a positive difference in the world by helping others reach their potential. Hosted by Jessica McMurdie, this podcast covers topics that will enhance your clinical skills and contribute to your professional development. You’re invited to be part of a community of therapists who value clinical excellence, mentorship, paying it forward, and entrepreneurship in private practice. Join the conversation for topics related to occupational therapy and learn the best business development tips for therapy entrepreneurs. Jessica McMurdie is a registered and licensed occupational therapist who holds dual degrees in Spanish (1998) and Occupational Therapy from the University of Washington (2000). She holds specialized certification in Sensory Integration Theory and Treatment from the University of Southern California. Her pediatric experience includes work at Seattle Children’s Hospital Regional Medical Center, birth-to-three early intervention, public and private schools. Jessica is a nationally, award-winning small business owner recognized as an emerging leader by the American Occupational Therapy Association and the U.S. Small Business Administration. She is a contributing author to the OT Manager 6th Ed., and is a national online trainer and speaker for occupational therapists, teachers, and parent groups. For over a decade, Jessica has served as the Clinical Director at Play It Forward’s sister company, Stepping Stones Therapy Network. Her clinic, founded in 2006, had humble beginnings that evolved from the trunk of her car to what it is today – a bustling therapy clinic that helps over 500 children and families every year in the greater Seattle area. As her business thrived over the years, Jessica has had some time to reflect upon her professional journey as a clinician and business owner. Passionate about therapy and the positive impact that clinicians and coaches have on the lives of clients, she’s sharing what she wishes she had known prior to this journey – some real-life practical ideas and business development tips for owners or therapists in private practice as well as clinical resources from a therapy perspective. Pediatric occupational therapists and private practice owners are tasked with providing children with the “stepping stones” to reach new skills, self-confidence, and everyday success. Join the conversation here on Play It Forward Therapy, and let Jessica help you in achieving this mission to provide compassionate, creative, and collaborative care to the children and families you serve.

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