Pointe To Rise

Hi I am Susanne, a former international Ballerina, mother to 3 boys, turned entrepreneur. I am committed to raising the bar in the ballet community and starting conversations that not only empower dancers but create change in this industry. Get all the tools you need to take action, stop chasing what doesn’t work and turn your passion into profit. Connect to yourself from within, bust through your fears and push yourself to new levels. Be prepared so when the music stops you have a plan that will ensure your success on and off the stage. This is a podcast for anyone in the dance community who wants more in their life, business or relationships. I feel that these conversations need to be broken down and discussed so that we don’t loose sight of who we are and what we can be. I want my story to end in triumph just as much as I want it for every single dancer. Point at yourself to rise, to all that you are capable off.

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