President of the Orange County Board of Education: CRT Is Marxism That Endangers the US

Many parents of all races are opposing critical race theory (CRT) across in the United States. Mari Barke, president of the Orange County Board of Education in California, thinks that anti-Americans use the Marxist CRT as a weapon to demonize those with different views, “that is the real danger in this country today.” Barke runs a family business and deeply believes that one’s parents and families should always choose what is best for their children, thus she also works for the Orange County Board of Education. Parents and community members all over the country are very concerned and trying to define and understand ethnic studies and critical race theory, she said at an online forum held by the Californians For Equal Rights Foundation (CFER Foundation) on July 8. “Critical race theory or CA CRT is not new,” Barke said. “What is new is the introduction of CRT into our K-12 …Read More

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