Prison: The Hidden Sentence Podcast

Welcome. The purpose of this podcast and it’s blog is to help educate and empower those who have or had a loved one in prison. Raising awareness one story at a time. Did you know that the chances are very high that someone you know has had a loved one incarcerated? Or maybe you are part of the millions of people in the US population who has had a loved one in the prison system? This Podcast is for you. Indirectly we are all affected, and if you have a loved one in prison you are probably doing the time even though you committed no crime. This is the hidden sentence that nobody talks about. The sentence does not end once your loved one is released either. Depending on the type of release he or she may still need to deal with probation or parole which carries its own set of regulations. So the prison issue continues for an indeterminable about of time. Prison: The Hidden Sentence is about those friends and family members on the outside.

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