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Drew Taylor


Drew is an inventor, innovator & visionary. Drew naturally seeks out voids or opportunities that exist within wanted or needed products or services. A natural problem solver, and recognizing that “surrounding myself with the smartest guys in the room will take me further”…

L. Brent Bates


Brent’s business career started immediately following his graduation, graduating Cum Laude, from Texas A&M in 1980 with a degree in Business Administration. After graduating, Brent returned to the Dallas/Ft Worth to be the youngest hire by Merrill Lynch at their Ft.Worth office…

About Wild West Crypto Show

Whether you’re a little wet behind the ears in the world of cryptocurrency or you have been blazing the crypto trail for a while, the Wild West Crypto Show on is the best crypto podcast to show you the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of crypto. Thanks to Flixx, the Wild West Crypto Show has a larger audience than ever. Our show is packed full of information from experts who know a thing or two about cryptocurrency. We’re going to break down everything that newcomers need to know about getting started in cryptocurrency while providing valuable insight for more experienced Crypto Cowboys.

Cryptocurrency is a new frontier that not many have dared to venture into. The Wild West Crypto Show, with the help of Flixx and many others, is here to make your journey as easy and profitable as possible by providing our viewers with the facts and addressing misinformation about cryptocurrency. So saddle up, partner, we’ve got a long ride ahead of us!

The Wild West Crypto Show is the brainchild of Drew Taylor. Drew created this platform as a tool to inform people about cryptocurrency so that they can make educated decisions about investing in this emerging market. Together with his co-host Brent Bates and with the help of industry experts, Drew and the Wild West Crypto Shows aims for providing valuable information for anyone interested in cryptocurrency, all while debunking myths and misinformation often spread about the movement.

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Past Interviews

Our Expert Guests

Jared Tate is the founder and creator of the DigiByte blockchain. DigiByte is a public, rapidly growing and highly decentralized 4-year-old blockchain. DigiBytes are digital assets that cannot be destroyed, counterfeited or hacked, making them ideal for protecting objects of value like currency, information, property or important digital data.Jared has been involved with Bitcoin since 2012. In the Fall of 2013, he decided to make several improvements to the Bitcoin core protocol which culminated in the launch of DigiByte on January 10th, 2014. DigiByte has pioneered many blockchain enhancements such has DigiShield, MultiShield & MultiAlgo which have all now been implemented by many other blockchains. DigiByte was also the first major blockchain to adopt SegWit.

Jared Tate

DigiByte Blockchain Founder

Alex Tinsmans leads the North America region for the $2 billion market cap blockchain NEM and is a member and advisor of the NEM Foundation. She created the Inside NEM YouTube series which quickly became the official channel of NEM and is now translated into five languages. Alex brings two decades of software analytics, marketing, and community development experience, with a focus on online gaming. Alex has worked on some of the world’s first digital tradable objects in Pokemon Online and Magic Online. She also worked on events and campaigns for League of Legends, the world’s number one grossing PC game, as well as product launches for Xbox and Raptr, a game data analytics startup.

Alex Tinsmans

Regional Head, NEM North America

Arifa Khan is India Partner of the Ethereum Foundation. She has deep sector expertise in Banking & Financial services, Fintech and Blockchain and currently advises the Govt. of India on infrastructure financing and the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh State on blockchain adoption. She has been researching the blockchain space since 2015 and is a distributed ledger technology evangelist. Arifa is currently leading efforts to build a ground-breaking decentralised solution for capital markets (DGCAMP) as Founder & CEO of Himalaya Labs, which she considers her most inspired and important work to date.

Arifa Khan

Founder at Capital Coin & Ethereum India Partner

In 1998, John incorporated his own consulting company and practiced independently for clients throughout the USA and overseas, delivering a value of Managing and Consulting at C-level, technical Engineering talents, narrow ‘deliverables’ and ‘measurable’ results in human capable milestone sizes, removing technical roadblocks and workarounds to challenges. John believes only Smart Contract Blockchain technology can bring the process of ‘amazing value release’ to safe, secure, immortal life and such data Blockchained elliptical encryption secures all parties in the process. John is eager to use his 27 years of Engineering & Business to become part of this exciting venture.

John D Allen

CEO at Leveridge Systems INC. & CTO at Smartillions

Over Mr. Corr’s career, he has worked with the CEOs, CFOs, CTOs and boards of firms to help them deliver the ‘mission critical’ initiatives on their strategic agenda to deliver over $16 billion of shareholder value. He has helped talented executives shape, sharpen & deliver complex programmes across various professional sectors with many high profile clients. Mr. Corr’s current project Blockchain-X is focused on helping private offices & asset managers understand the risks & opportunities related to investing in Crypto assets and ICOs. Currently supporting ICOs & fund creation in Energy, Technology and Capital Markets sectors.

John Corr

Managing Director of Blockchain-X

Garth is a Financial Services CEO, Blockchain Banking and Cryptocurrency Entrepreneur with a focus on Cryptobank Decentralization. Garth is currently the CEO of on of the great WWCS sponsers: Baanx. Baanx.com is a Decentralized Digital Blockchain Banking Network. Pre-ICO and ICO start in 2018 creating the BXX Token to push forwards with advances in the Blockchain & Crypto Era – the first phase in bank decentralization begins here.

Garth Howat

CEO of Baanx.com