Sanders Demands $3.5 Trillion Budget as Moderates Demand Smaller Bill

After months of tough negotiations with moderate Democrats, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) took to Twitter to demand an all-or-nothing $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill. Sanders, the author of the expansive budget, initially wanted a bill with a $6 trillion price tag, but this was eventually lowered in the final draft of his budget to $3.5 trillion. For some Senate moderates, even this lower price was far too much, and prominent Democrats have promised that they will not vote for a $3.5 trillion bill. On the other hand, Sanders has long indicated that he and other progressives feel they have already compromised enough. After one meeting on the bill, the senator complained that “the top line has come down. It started at $6 trillion.” Still, Sanders did not entirely reject a smaller bill altogether, as negotiations between moderates and progressives continued. Tuesday, just two days before the scheduled vote on the hastily crafted …Read More

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