Sen. Tom Cotton: Our Office Has Been Flooded With Calls From US Citizens Inside Afghanistan

Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said during an interview Tuesday morning that within 48 hours of posting a notice online, his office was flooded with hundreds of calls from U.S. citizens who want help getting to Kabul International Airport to escape Afghanistan. “Our office has been flooded with hundreds and hundreds of calls—not just from Arkansans but people around the country—as they learned that I’m willing to at least try to make sure that they know that someone has heard them and someone has logged their name and phone number and where they are, in case they turn up missing, and is trying to get information to them as best we can,” said Cotton on Tuesday. “We’ve had reports, too, of State Department servers crashing or their hotline numbers being overwhelmed. Again, the scale of the incompetence here, and implementing the decision to withdraw, is really unbelievable.” Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby told CNN …Read More

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