Six Vulnerable Conversations between a Gay Man and a Straight Man

We live in a society that separates you based on your sexual orientation. We have formed different languages, dress codes, conducts and even formed different neighborhoods. While being gay in the world has become more accepted in the last three decades, we still live in a prejudiced world. What would happen if a gay and a straight man sat at the table, lowered their guards, and spoke the raw truth to each other? Well, in this podcast, we’ll find out. It’s an interesting paradox. We all really want to know how we show in the world but we do everything we can to avoid it. Its like an itch we want to scratch but also tend to ignore. We create secret covert alliances with our friends, families, workmates and enemies for them to withhold the truth, to make things safe rather than real. In doing so, we never truly know what people think about us. For some, this is okay. Maybe not for you. Every week, coach, entrepreneur and teacher Rob Kandell will leading a group experience where he will speak his heart-filled, intense, tuff love. He will (a) answer questions posted to this event and via chat, (b) speak his mind plainly on topics of interest, and (c) coach brave enthusiastic volunteers in a group setting. Honestly, we don’t know what’s going to happen.

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