Standout Amendments in the Senate-Passed Infrastructure Bill

News Analysis  The passage of the $1.2 trillion Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act by the Senate on Tuesday came after months of political wrangling and negotiation. From its introduction to its final approval, the bill underwent several minor changes, like the deletion of certain words, the addition of new policies or programs, or the expansion of policies and programs already in the bill. As the Senate worked to write and improve the bill, Senators proposed amendments for a wide range of issues, some that went far beyond the original goal of maintaining infrastructure. In such a comprehensive bill, entire sections are bound to get lost in the 1,000+ page mountain of text. Many of the amendments proposed or passed were simply minor changes—improving appropriations for the Corps of Engineers, modifying provisions about cybersecurity, designating additional high priority corridors on the National Highway system—but some, whether they passed or not, stood …Read More

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