Talking Wealth – Episode 113

In this episode of Talking Wealth, Dale interviews first time guest Chris Naghibi (Entrepreneur) about things the average person can do to start building wealth. Following that, another first time guest, Ron Karr (Keynote Speaker, Best-selling Author) discusses the importance of ‘The Velocity Mindset’ and how possessing a clear vision is crucial for success. Next, Aaron Nannini (Author – Cash Uncomplicated) returns with ’12 Money Myths You Should Ignore’ Part 2, explaining how debt can be properly utilised to create wealth, amongst other personal tips to help you enjoy your wealth. Brought to you by Wealth Within. 06/24/2021

Hosted by the expert share market analysts at Wealth Within, the Talking Wealth Podcast is a must listen for new and experienced traders and investors alike. Each and every week the Wealth Within team are front and centre providing you with a healthy dose of trading and investing education, wealth creation strategies as well as hints and tips to boost your share market profits. 

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