Tech Firms Vow to Spend Billions to Bolster Cybersecurity

The White House said Wednesday that some of the country’s leading technology companies have pledged to invest billions to bolster cybersecurity, with the commitment coming at a time when both public and private sector entities increasingly face sophisticated cyberattacks. Amazon, Apple, Google, and IBM are among the companies to have made cybersecurity development and investment pledges, from enhancing open source software security, to training tens of thousands of people in cybersecurity skills, to providing technical services to help local governments boost security protections, according to the White House. It came after President Joe Biden held a private meeting with top tech executives at the White House on Wednesday in a bid to rally private sector backing for the administration’s cybersecurity efforts. “The reality is, most of our critical infrastructure … is owned and operated by the private sector, and the federal government can’t meet this challenge alone,” Biden told reporters ahead …Read More

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