Texas Democrat Confirms She Went to Portugal After Fleeing State

A Texas Democrat has confirmed she went to Portugal while colleagues were either trying to pass election reform bills or in Washington publicly opposing that effort. Most Texas House Democrats fled the state last month to deny Republicans in the state’s lower chamber quorum. They did so to try to stop election reform bills from being passed. Virtually all of the Democrats went to Washington, including state Rep. Jessica Gonzalez. But she later traveled to Portugal, she confirmed for the first time on Tuesday. Gonzalez said she went overseas to get married. “We all say family comes first. That value should apply to all families, including mine. I made the decision not to share where I was so that my wife and I could get married in privacy,” Gonzalez told the Dallas Morning News. “I wanted us to have this special day, surrounded by a few of our friends and loved …Read More

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