Texas Democrat Urges Biden To Do More To Curb Illegal Immigration

A Texas Democrat who has been critical of the White House’s immigration policies on Wednesday renewed his calls for the Biden administration to do more to stem the flow of illegal immigrants across the southern border. Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas) said in an interview on Fox News’ “Your World” program that he has urged President Joe Biden to put a “pause” on accepting or releasing illegal border crossers, citing the risk of COVID-19. “It’s not fair to local communities, people being released there that might have COVID-19,” Cuellar said. “What I’m asking of the Biden administration is to do a pause.” “Do a pause. They need to prioritize border communities, they need to prioritize the men and women of DHS,” the Texas lawmaker added. Cuellar’s remarks came after reports that border officers in Texas were releasing illegal immigrants who test positive for COVID-19 to a nonprofit organization. The immigrants were handed over to the Catholic Charities …Read More

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