Texas Democrats Return, End 38-Day Holdout Over Election Reform Bill

A 38-day standoff in Texas over a GOP-backed election reform bill came to an end on Thursday when some House Democrats, who fled the state, returned—a day after it was ruled that they can be arrested if they refuse to return to the state Capitol to conduct legislative business. The return of Democratic state Reps. Garnet Coleman, Ana Hernandez, and Amanda Walle paved the way for Republicans to resume pushing a voting overhaul bill that they argue is needed to safeguard future elections and would restore the public’s confidence in them. Last month, 52 state House Democrats broke quorum when they absented themselves from legislative business in order to block the measure. Democrats have argued that the GOP-backed election reform bill would place unfair restrictions on minority groups when they cast their ballots. While only three Democrats returned to the Lone Star state, Republican House Speaker Dade Phelan said enough …Read More

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