Texas House Rep. Arrested During Voting Protest in Washington

Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-Texas) confirmed Thursday that she was arrested as she engaged in a voting protest in Washington. Lee and other protesters were standing in front of an entrance to the Senate Hart Building when the Capitol Police told them that it was their final warning and would have to disperse, according to footage posted by the Democrat’s office. “Yes, I engaged in civil disobedience today in front of the Hart Building in Washington, D.C., and was arrested,” Jackson Lee said. “I believe when you are getting into good trouble—when you realize that the 15th Amendment has guaranteed the fundamental right to vote. Any action that is a peaceful action of civil disobedience is worthy and more to push all of us to do better and to do more.” The protesters, according to Lee, were demanding the passage of two Democrat-backed election overhaul bills. The Texas Democrat posted …Read More

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