Texas House Special Session Adjourned as Not Enough Democrats Present

Texas House Speaker Dade Phelan on Saturday called for the lower chamber to be adjourned until Monday as not enough Democrats showed up for the special session. “A quorum is not present,” Phelan said Saturday afternoon. He adjourned the chamber until Monday minutes later. Texas House Democratic Caucus Chair Chris Turner said that the Democrats broke the quorum in an attempt to block the Republicans’ election bill. “Texas House Democrats continue in our fight to stop Texas Republicans’ efforts to undermine our democracy by passing their anti-voter legislation. Day by day, we will keep fighting with everything we have to protect Texans’ freedom to vote,” he said in a statement. Democrats have argued that the GOP-backed voting overhaul bill would unfairly target minority groups in the Lone Star State, while Republicans have said the measure is needed to safeguard future elections and would restore the public’s confidence in them. However, …Read More

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