Texas Senate Bill Would Ban Critical Race Theory In Schools

A new bill in Texas would make it illegal to teach race or sex-based guilt in public schools.

Senate Bill 2202, currently under review in the House Public Education Committee, seeks to ban the teaching of radical ideology associated with Critical Race Theory in Texas public schools. The bill also mandates a robust academic focus on the founding documents and ideas of America.

Similar legislation passed last week in Idaho, with additional bills under consideration in West VirginiaOklahoma, Missouri, and Arkansas.

While I have my doubts about the ability of any law to effectively counter ideological cancer that has taken over much of our education system, the language of this bill demonstrates a robust understanding of the destructive ideas it aims to curtail. Rather than denouncing Critical Race Theory by name or even in full, it targets what lawmakers consider to be the most divisive ideological components of the theory, specifically those which can be logically shown to promote discrimination based on race or sex.

In one remarkable paragraph, the bill details a litany of specific concepts that “no teacher, administrator, or another employee in any state agency…shall require, or make part of a course.”

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