That Girl From Jersey

Buckle up and get ready! Erin Saxton’s highly-anticipated online TV show, That Girl from Jersey, is now available to the public! Brace yourself for a completely uncensored show as host Erin Saxton expresses her personality and connects with the audience in a less formal way. This is no ordinary “talk show” podcast that bores listeners to death. It’s a fun and exciting podcast for those who can handle the energetic and sometimes humorous nature of her personality. She’ll be interviewing influential guests and discussing interesting topics – everything from current events, funny topics, interesting stories, and much more – with a sprinkle of her New Jersey swag. Born in Atlantic City, New Jersey, Erin had a great childhood full of cheeseburgers, sun chasing, and (rumor has it) a great grandmother who used to work for Thomas Edison. At 49, with a love and passion for connecting with people and making them laugh, she finally got in front of the camera after leaving her behind-the-scenes role helping other people look really good. Erin, That Girl From Jersey, is the Founder of The Erin Network, and she wears a lot of hats. She’s a multi Emmy-nominated and award-winning TV producer, PR maven, brand strategist, keynote speaker, and hockey mom. Having worked on shows that include The View, Barbara Walters Specials, and Good Morning America, she’s been on the receiving end of pitches for years! Through that extensive experience, she was able to carve a niche for consulting and executing effective PR and marketing campaigns for some of the world’s leading companies and entrepreneurs. It is during this time in her career when she became best known for taking an idea and joining it with the perfect plan and team to direct that “winning plan” forward. Today, she takes all that expertise and her passion for interviewing and asking the right questions to deliver repeated successes to her clients that include thought leaders, CEOs, authors, experts, and inventors. We know what you’re thinking. There are over 700,000 podcast shows and over 29 million episodes. Why would she dare jump into the enormous sea of podcasts? For years, people have watched Erin work in the public relations field, often aside some of the biggest celebrities in the world. They’ve watched her bring out the best in people with her pizzazz and one-in-a-million interview style. But this is a little different. For 25-35 thrilling minutes, you’ll be fully entertained and bursting with laughter, uncontrollable excitement, and anticipation of what will happen next. You’ll be completely sucked into these sizzling hot conversations asking yourself, “Did she really just say that?” But we all know the answer, “YES! She did!” Never been to New Jersey? Don’t worry about it. With a gift and a calling for connecting with people, Erin is bringing Jersey to you — direct from her professional studio every week. Give yourself a break and enjoy this wild and fun journey with Erin and her special guests each week here on That Girl From Jersey!

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