The CXO of the Future

Mayfield’s CXO of the Future podcast series seeks to elaborate on the challenges facing future CIOs by interviewing today’s leaders on what works and what doesn’t.The role of the CIO has always had lofty expectations, but today’s CIO has many responsibilities that range well beyond uptime metrics. Rather than focus on technology alone, the role is becoming more business-oriented: a partner to the business as opposed to a service provider. Increasingly, this partnership extends to the board level, where expectations have fallen on the CIO to orchestrate and enable a technology-driven transformation for the business.As a result, CIOs have been placed in the position of both near-term custodian and longer-term architect: managing future unforeseen change while leveraging new and existing technologies. They must help the company properly navigate the rapidly transforming business landscape, while remaining strong communicators. Digital Transformation is the often-used buzzword in press that drives urgency at the board level of an organization – the business-savvy CIO is generally the best equipped executive to guide this journey and consult with the board on impacts and tradeoffs to the business. Broadly speaking, all businesses are evolving into digitally-driven businesses. As a result, CIOs are closer to actually running the show than they’ve ever been before. The business side of organizations has always been dominant, but technology is the business now. CIOs often find themselves being the connector between products and operations groups and are increasingly involved in enabling execution across the organization.In Mayfield’s “CXO of the Future” podcast series, we seek to flesh out high-impact stories from those who are in the throes of this business transformation. Tune in to learn more from today’s industry leaders.

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