The Entrepreneurial Mindset Project

In a world that seems to favor top performers, we often overlook the mindset and the methods of everyday entrepreneurs—the underdogs and the misfits who have no particular advantage in life—yet somehow manage to succeed. Author and entrepreneur Gary Schoeniger has traveled the world interviewing entrepreneurs and exploring the research to expose the hidden logic that exposes opportunities, optimizes engagement, and unleashes human potential. Whether you want to start a business, engage your team, or reinvent your career, this podcast will show you how an entrepreneurial mindset can empower ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. Gary Schoeniger is an internationally recognized thought leader in the field of entrepreneurial mindset education. As the Founder and CEO of the Entrepreneurial Learning Initiative (ELI), Gary’s work has influenced a broad audience – from aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners to academic and organizational leaders worldwide, including the Kauffman Foundation, the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, Tecnolólogico de Monterrey, the European Commission, and the U.S. State Department. Gary, along with Pulitzer nominee Clifton Taulbert, is the co-author of Who Owns the Ice House? Eight Life Lessons from an Unlikely Entrepreneur  an international bestseller described as “required reading for humanity.” He also led the development of the Ice House Entrepreneurship Program, which has been recognized by the Kauffman Foundation as “redefining entrepreneurship education in classrooms and communities around the world.” In this podcast, Gary explores the entrepreneurial mindset as a cognitive framework that has become essential for individuals and organizations to adapt and thrive in today’s rapidly changing world.

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