The Epoch Times Launches ‘Defending America’ Initiative With Panel Discussion on Constitution

The Epoch Times on July 19 held a panel discussion among leading experts on the U.S. Constitution and constitutional rights defenders, kicking off the first major event of its “Defending America” initiative. Titled “Defending the Constitution: Why It Matters Now More Than Ever,” the panel focused on events exposing that Americans’ constitutional rights are under threat, and the Americans who took actions to defend those rights. In his opening remarks, The Epoch Times’ publisher Stephen Gregory called the Constitution a “citadel for America’s greatness” which America’s enemies seek to undermine in their attempt to transform the country. “That is why we begin our discussion of Defending America with the topic of the Constitution,” said Gregory, noting the difference between socialism, which encourages atheism, envy, and fear among citizens, and dependence on an all-supervising government; and the United States, where individual genius and worship of God flourish under the Constitution. “Americans need …Read More

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