The Healthy Brain Podcast

Carrie MillerThe Healthy Brain Podcast is the Place to Connect for Real Talk about Alzheimer’s and any form of Dementia. We are a Movement of People who Fight for our Brains who say “No” to prescription drugs and “Yes” to eating Real Food First. Ultimately you are in charge of Owning the Direction of Your Own Health. Join a Daughter of Dementia and Certified Nutritionist, Carrie Miller for thought-provoking Alternative Options in Medicine and Prevention to Optimize your Brain. Looking for Healthy Recipes, Brain-healthy books, articles, studies and research, and how to maximize your sleep? You’ll hear incredible Stories about Real People who’ve Transformed their Lives with Clean Food and Healthy Lifestyle Choices. We’re here to equip you Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually, so that you can have the Healthiest Brain to enjoy a Life full of Joy and Laughter with your Family and Friends.


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