The Heroine’s Journey

Discover your path on The Heroine’s Journey. This woman’s adventure of a life-time is unfolding for you – and where you are on the Path and what’s next will illuminate your way forward. The Heroine’s Journey is a universal one each woman takes to find her Self-worth and Voice, and navigate to a cherished life. So much easier, it would be, if we just came roaring down the birth canal with instructions for living our best lives clutched tightly in one hand, with our name embossed on the front cover! This would tell us how to meet those unexpected challenges that leap out in front of us along the way too. This would guide us to move forward joyfully and with grace.  Well, Hurrah!, here it is! The Heroine’s Journey is the Road Map that will lead you forward. It will assist you to put your past into perspective, know what action to take now, and inspire your hope for your future. Join Joan Perry, your host; Best-Selling Author, Key-Note Speaker, Certified Coach and Seasoned Investor – to intimately share this life journey with you – as Joan shares her Story and the Stories of other Heroine women traveling on this quest. You won’t feel alone once you understand this universal journey.  Whether you are now frozen and confused, or really ready for a bigger life — join into this conversation and it will inspire, illuminate and take you forward on this archetypal journey, the full adventure for a woman to embrace. Have you ever thought of yourself as a Heroine? It’s your rally cry to meet life’s path for you. Come join us. Let’s talk!!

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