The Kind Communicator

It’s time to love the struggle. Get out of your own way and step into your courage. BeyondEgo sparks the imagination of dreamers, doers, professionals and entrepreneurs to discuss the idea of “ego” healthily as part of the leadership journey. Hosted by executive business coach, Elizabeth Barry, this show brings an energetic vibe to a delicate subject that will pique your business interest and reel in your self-enrichment curiosity. Elizabeth is an authority on the subject of vulnerability and she seamlessly compels guests to share stories from falling, to failing, to dusting off, and rising again. Listeners are dubbed as OnBeyonders; a tribe of leaders who seek to become more of themselves and less like the pack- empowered and inspired. OnBeyonders are asked to mirror the lessons learned throughout the show, to indulge in the art of letting go and naturally become contagious to be around as a result. The journey to being human behind the walls that we adults put up is a healthy path to

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