The Leader’s Chai

Successful leaders don’t wait for the right time. The crease the right time and take full advantage of opportunities. Welcome to The Leader’s Chair podcast hosted by Jeffrey Edwards. If you’re new to leading people in your organization, an aspiring entrepreneur ready to launch or an experienced executive in search of extra information for your future leaders join Jeffrey Edwards every week to learn the skills, behaviours and strategies for business success in the 21st Century from The Leader’s Chair. Leader… Leadership…. We hear those words so many times, but what do they actually mean for you? The words often used to describe them include “disruptors”, “agitators” or” visionaries”. The workplace of the 21st Century will require leaders who are resilient and creative in the face of change. They are self-aware, empathetic and continuously improving themselves. They recognize and encourage contributions of others and are described as emotionally intelligent and inspirational. Jeffrey Edwards is the Founder and Managing Director of The MakeWell Performance Group. For more than twenty years, he has helped organizational leaders, from small to medium sized businesses to large companies around the world optimize their strengths, inspire their teams and develop new leaders. . Jeffrey holds a Master of Business Administration in Management Consulting and a Master of Education in Counselling. He is a member of the Canadian Association of Management Consultants, a Board-Certified Executive Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF). As a volunteer, he enjoys being a mentor and trainer to local youth and university student entrepreneurship programs. Every week, Jeffrey will be sitting down and sharing some ideas and tips and some of his experiences over the years or things he’s come across that would help you feel more comfortable sitting in your own leader’s chair and owning that space. When you look at where you are in your life or your career today, are you where you want to be? Are you satisfied with mediocrity or are ready to take your place at the front of the line and lead others? We all have an opportunity to have our own leader’s chair, if we choose to. It starts with you understanding your core talents, strengths, your nuggets of experience and knowledge that you can bring forward that help others expand their sphere of self-awareness. Here on The Leader’s Chair podcast, Jeffrey Edwards will introduce you to grounded, practical, and real-life information, insights, resources and people that will help you thrive, not only in business but also in your own life. Join us every week and allow yourself to see the leader in you.


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