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Are you involved with network marketing? Are you seeking success in the new Gig Economy? If so, Larry and Taylor Thompson can GPS your mindset and activity with the fundamental Golden Principles that created the most successful leaders and companies in the world today. No matter what your current circumstances, The Millionaire Training has a magical ability to meet you where you are in your life right now, and simplify your business and life. This is why Larry is known as, “The Mentor to the Millionaires” and The Wall Street Journal called Larry, “The Original Architect of Wealth Building.” Jim Rohn said, “There is nobody better than Larry Thompson at training people in Network Marketing. In 1981, 35-year-old Vice President of sales for Herbalife International took the stage for three hours and shared the timeless fundamental principles of network marketing to a small and enthralled group of distributors. Fortunately, it was recorded, and the cassettes were included with every Herbalife distributor pack. As a result, an ARMY of waitresses, truck drivers, and otherwise “average” people were energized and focused on a fun, simple, magical approach to build themselves, their checks, their teams, and the company. In just five years, Herbalife became the #1 company in the industry. The Millionaire Training is more relevant and important today than ever. That is because many companies and leaders are trying to teach people how to market and expecting the average person to first learn and then implement it. The problem is, there is a distinct difference between marketing and network marketing. Network marketing is simple. The fundamentals never change. When you identify and then metabolize these foundational principles, you can easily apply them and bridge the gap into the new Gig Economy with any network marketing company that you choose as your own. Larry Thompson and his wife Taylor Thompson are in HIGH demand. The world’s top companies and distributors have them on speed dial whenever they require either major or minor fixes and refinements in their strategy and tactics With age comes authority and wisdom, and there is no one – NO ONE – with the track record of mentoring 2 different companies to Billions in annual sales plus BILLIONS of dollars in results and is more qualified or better to share this training than Larry and Taylor Thompson! Taylor Thompson lends invaluable insights as a successful mompreneur who discovered and mastered network marketing as a stay-at-home mom of three girls. She is the founder of The SheNetwork which is a community and movement for women to empower, encourage, and edify each other in the network marketing space and beyond.  Together, Larry and Taylor train organizations globally on the principles of The Millionaire Training and The Six Pillars. This year is the first time in history that The Millionaire Training is available in print (English and Spanish) so that anyone aspiring to a prosperous future in network marketing and the Gig Economy can win. You can grab a copy and join The Millionaire Training Book Club by visiting Larry and Taylor Thompson founded the LT WealthBuilding Academy for you to rapidly immerse in the fundamentals of network marketing. Its purpose is to coach and mentor “everyday people” who seek to earn an above-average income, whether they are the long-haired hippie construction worker, the stay-at-home mom, the lady truck driver, or the grocery clerk. Grow you ● Grow Your Team ● Grows your Check ● Grow Your Company.</p><p>Join Larry and Taylor Thompson today, and find out if The Millionaire Training is the missing piece to the success puzzle that you may not realize that you are missing!

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