Have you ever felt like you were living a life meant for someone else, or that your life just feels kind of empty? To the outside world, it probably looks like you’ve got everything together. Now, because you’re intimately involved in every detail of your own life, that might seem ridiculous to you. Whether we realize it or not, we put up a good façade, leaving us feeling trapped and alone. My friend, you are far from being alone! Millions of people feel unfulfilled, lost, and downright miserable. Welcome to ThinkReactLead, a podcast aimed at helping you liberate from your limitations and fulfill your greatest potential! Hosted by Dom Faussette, ThinkReactLead will help you escape the emotional prisons you have built for yourself, and start living at your fullest potential. An Executive Coach, Leadership Speaker, Military Veteran and former Police Officer who has been there. Dom has developed several immersive, transformative programs that will challenge you not only to step out of your comfort zone but to abandon it altogether. As a child, Dom was challenged by severe stuttering, and was extremely quiet around others. It took until he was 2I and serving in the United States Air Force with the 305th SFS as a K9 handler to learn how to be comfortable in his own vulnerability when he developed a relationship and talked to his military working dog during every deployment. Later as a Police Officer with the City of Jackson, Mississippi, he had to make a split-second decision on whether or not to take a perpetrator’s life during an altercation. In that moment, life or death moment, Dom found out his purpose was to save lives, not take lives. Dom resigned shortly thereafter. Now laser focused on the his purpose in life, Dom travels the world staying dialed in on his mission to develop and encourage vulnerable leadership. Today, Dom is a certified speaker/coach with the John Maxwell Leadership Team and the founder of his own company, Leaders 4 Leaders, LLC. He continues to work nationally with the best and brightest in the leadership development field, with a specialty in Leadership Speaking, Training and Facilitating, Motivational Speaking, Executive Coaching, and Corporate Facilitation. If you’re sick and tired of living a life that feels like a prison sentence, and you’re willing to entertain the idea that there might be more out there for you, then you’re in the right place! Start thinking like an executive, react like a soldier, and lead in every single aspect of your life. Join Dom Faussette here on ThinkReactLead and engage, develop, and get dialed in on your command presence. Connect with your authentic purpose! Think. React. Lead.

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