Top US Diplomat Talks Relocation of Afghan Allies in Kuwait

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates—The United States is negotiating with Kuwait and other countries whether they can host Afghans who supported the American war effort and could face Taliban revenge attacks if they stay in Afghanistan, America’s top diplomat said Thursday. During a visit to tiny, oil-rich Kuwait, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken did not announce any deal or disclose critical details about the process, such as who would be eligible for relocation or where they would be housed. As American troops complete their withdrawal from Afghanistan, the Biden administration has come under heavy pressure to quickly evacuate Afghan interpreters, drivers, and other workers who helped U.S. forces during the two-decade war and now find themselves at risk of retribution by the Taliban terrorists. “The United States is committed to helping those who helped us during our time in Afghanistan over the last 20 years,” Blinken said at a joint press …Read More

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