Turning Obstacles To Success

Everyone wants to succeed. Yet, the path to success is not straightforward and easy. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a business owner, or a thought leader…this podcast is for you. As we become more successful, the universe gives us new challenges disguised as opportunities for growth. Wouldn’t it be great to fast track success? Mike Weiss, the host, will help you meet success faster by pulling from the guests their best strategies, tactics, technology, and stories. The conversation is exciting and fast and from the heart. Mike’s promise is that your time will be respected and you’ll learn proven strategies to scale your business, achieve financial freedom, work-life balance, and overcome daily obstacles. The Founder of Client Engagement Academy — the #1 online course, membership site, and coaching success platform for thought leaders to scale their business — Mike Weiss spent more than 32 years in financial services. He raised more than $100,000,000, served as a financial consultant to thousands of clients, and was chosen as the top four (out of 400) for Infusionsoft’s “Marketer of the Year” in 2012. Recognizing early on in the financial industry that customer education and results were the keys to success, Mike pivoted and is now running one of the leading companies globally in online education. In the years that followed, he has become recognized as one of the top guns in digital education and technology with a specialization in client engagement, e-learning, online marketing and sales, digital badging, and gamification. He’s also perfected the LinkedIn content marketing strategy that he deploys for clients that increase their brand, engagement, connections, and drive new leads. As someone who has been a financial advisor, money manager, and entrepreneur, Mike has had his fair share of obstacles… and passed all the hurdles! Every week, he and his distinguished guests will bring you relevant content, helpful teachings, and dependable methodologies that will help you conquer your challenges and break those glass ceilings. Don’t let the roadblocks keep you from living the life you truly deserve. Arm yourself with the tools and the right mindset to keep pushing past your impediments. Start building your personal strength and confidence by joining us every week here on Turning Obstacles To Success with Mike Weiss! 

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