Two Convos One Show

We all have our own beliefs and opinions, most of which are deeply rooted that we accept them to be true or right. But are we really clear on why we have them? We adopt or inherit other people’s beliefs, which is not wrong, but in times of challenge, we need to know where our beliefs come from and why we believe them. Welcome to Two Convos One Show, a series focused on discussing, debating, and deconstructing topics that affect us or someone we know. Hosted by jOjO Andrews, this podcast is a place for big opinions and strong beliefs, with stories to explain where the opinions and beliefs come from. A dynamic extrovert, jOjO Andrews has always asked a lot of questions. She draws immense energy from deep conversation and learning and feeds her soul with sincere communication. Having multi-faceted conversations often, she decided to start sharing these conversations with you to shed light on why people believe the things they do and hold on to them. Unfiltered, uncensored, and unbiased, the show allows space for people to discuss even the most outlandish ideas, viewpoints, and beliefs—all without criticism! Empathy is the linchpin that helps us truly understand each other. Get the chance to hear another person’s story to ignite that empathy because when we have a little more context, we’re able to give each other a little more grace. Join the conversation as each week, we pull back the curtain on how our distinct and diverse life experiences shape our perspectives and have taught us to think, feel, and act in very specific ways. Going deep on a broad range of topics, jO will draw connections, facilitate, and, in most cases, draw reasoning to where our opinions, beliefs, and thoughts come from. Whether or not you agree with what our guests say, our hope is that their insights are able to create an awareness of humanity and an awareness of Self in YOU! We may not shift a mindset or foundational belief for ourselves, however, we learn to understand why others don’t shift theirs. Disable your emotional “autoresponder,” breathe, and see inside what other people are thinking, doing, and expressing. We all live in one earth. It’s time we all start to understand one another. Tune in to Two Convos One Show today.

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