US Judge Sanctions Lawyers Over ‘Fantastical’ 2020 Election Lawsuit

A federal judge sanctioned two lawyers on Aug. 4 who represented clients claiming Dominion Voting Systems and other parties interfered with the 2020 election through a coordinated effort. The case was thrown out in April due to a lack of standing. But defendants, including Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf, filed motions for sanctions, arguing that the attorneys for the plaintiffs should have meaningfully investigated the allegations their clients put forth. U.S. Magistrate Judge N. Reid Neureiter, an appointee of other judges, agreed. The judge took issue with how the suit was filed in Colorado federal court but named officials from other states, including Pennsylvania and Michigan, asserting that even first-year law students would know that district courts can’t exercise jurisdictions over out-of-state defendants in most cases. Gary Fielder and Ernest Walker, the plaintiffs’ lawyers, eventually dismissed the out-of-state defendants. “When asked why it took motions to dismiss before Plaintiffs’ counsel researched the question …Read More

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