US Officials Condemn China Over Diplomatic Retaliation Against Lithuania

The U.S. State Department and some members of Congress on Aug. 10 voiced support for Lithuania, after China threw a diplomatic tantrum over the Baltic nation’s decision to allow Taiwan to open an office in Vilnius under its own name. On Tuesday, China’s foreign ministry recalled its ambassador to Lithuania and demanded it recall its ambassador to China. The ministry said the Baltic nation “brazenly violates” the ties between China and Lithuania, and it warned that there would be “potential consequences” if the Taiwan office were indeed opened. “We do stand in solidarity with our NATO ally Lithuania and we condemn the PRC’s [People’s Republic of China’s] recent retaliatory actions,” State Department spokesperson Ned Price told a briefing on Aug. 10. He added, “We support our European partners and our allies as they develop mutually beneficial relations with Taiwan and resist the PRC’s coercive behavior.” Price said there are benefits …Read More

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