Why some vaccinated people won’t go mask less

Texas resident Robert Soto can’t wait to visit his favorite karaoke spots in Austin. He says he’ll be wearing his mask when he belts out “Amber” by 311 or “The Promise” by When in Rome — his go-to songs every time he grabs the mic at a bar.

Soto plans to resume some social activities after he gets his second vaccine shot this month, joining the more than 100 million Americans who are fully vaccinated. But his life will be nothing like his carefree pre-pandemic days.
“I will probably still wear my mask and avoid shaking hands for a long while,” he says.
For Soto and many other pandemic-weary Americans, this is a tricky time. The vaccinated are emerging from 14 months of social isolation into a world where key questions remain about where and when to wear a mask.
Is that unmasked person near me vaccinated? If I don’t wear a mask, am I setting a bad example or making others uneasy?
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