WTF- What The Flow

“The Zone” “In The Flow” “Peak State” Athletes know this place. Artists thrive on the energy of the zone. Business leaders refer to this peak state of mind when their best creative thoughts were born. And yet for many of us, this flow state has been hit or miss at best and impossible at worst. Perhaps we experienced “the flow” during a special moment, but not as a daily or even monthly event. It is not only possible to enter into this flow state on a regular basis- you can learn to manipulate your biology and addict your brain to this state. 
 By using simple rituals that bring into account the body, the mind, the inner spirit you can enter into a peak state of performance, of creativity and radical intuition. This zone is where we make money easier, connect more deeply in our relationships and create our own luck. Understand this- Repeated PROFITS are not luck Consistent PERFORMANCE is not luck Daily ENERGY is not luck Regular CREATIVITY is not luck Deeply CONNECTED INTIMACY


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